To inspire others to help veterans
and children in need.


Creating a world where everyone gives to worthy causes they champion in their everyday life.


We work within the medical community to provide resources at little or no cost to veterans and children in need. Our partner company Zizion Group donates a portion of their sales in kind to this program working with physicians that supply the treatment at no charge to many people in need.

Social Responsibilities

One definition of social responsibility is the idea that businesses balance their profit making activities with those that benefit society. This can be accomplished within the industry in which they operate or as many global companies do, with a multitude of outreach programs. Our belief is that we need to give what we can, where we can, to those that are deserved. If we all just do a little bit, together we can create a better life for many throughout the world.

Community Giving

The Share-Our-Vision founder Bruce Bertman has chosen veterans on a national scale and children. Locally he works with the Florence Fuller Child Development Centers in Boca Raton, FL where he resides.

Being Socially Responsible & Giving Back

It is not necessary that you do what we do, or that you feel obligated to participate. I used to think that I was giving out of guilt or because it was the right thing to do. My spiritual guru and better 98.875% has shown me that now I give because it is what I want to do, it makes me feel good knowing I can help make some small corner of the world a little better. Maybe together we can change a life, if a number of us feel this way then who knows what good we can bring to the world.

How We Contribute and Give Back To Our Nation’s Wounded Warriors

We are still formulating our final plans however Zizion Group distributes devices that can help with regenerative orthopedic therapies. We will be helping facilitate a percentage of those sold to doctors will be donated to the network and utilized for veterans with indications that the doctor feels would benefit from the treatment.

Veteran’s Assistance

Our hope is to establish a screening program where veterans can apply through this site or others for assistance and that we can help them get an appointment at a local doctor’s office for inclusion into the program. Please check back often or sign up to be kept up to date.